Our Services

How we work with clients

Our deep-seated proficiency and global perspective afford a knowledgeable standpoint on the financial marketplace. With our sound philosophy on acquiescence we integrate these insights into strategies we craft for our clients.

Hedge Funds

We generate robust risk adjusted returns for clients by building and managing highly customized and diversified portfolios of meticulously selected hedge funds. We endeavor to produce attractive risk adjusted returns across market cycles by focusing on our clients’ goals, with an exacting due diligence process and the use of IPO Associates perspective at the same time preserving capital during strained market settings.

Investment Strategies

We offer a truly distinctive platform of products that can outdo similar funds offered by other wealth managers. As one of the most innovative wealth managers, and having invested in technical expertise and suitable structures, we are confident that our products will perform exceedingly well.

The absolute and total return strategies vary from conventional investment strategies by heightening the firmly set diversification principles, integrating alternative asset classes with minimal or no connection to customary asset classes such as equities.

Liquid Portfolio Management

Our expertise and adeptness at finding solutions is of great value to people who have neither the time nor knowledge in managing their wealth portfolio. A scenario where a wealth manager is needed most.

We at IPO Associates, begin without preconceived notions; rather we consult with you in identifying your personal and risks ,preferences. Once an agreement is reached with you, we manage and monitor funds, regularly provide feedback on how your money is performing.

This type of service applies to private individuals, trustees and charities.

Investment Advisory Services

When choosing an advisory – services mandate, you yourself make the investment decisions. On every matter concerning your wealth, we guide you and make available to you our full and complete support. Your client advisor is available to you , at no charge to discuss details, and if you require, will recommend appropriate investments in consonance with your risk tolerance.

IPO Associates’ Asset Management services assesses which of the available investments world wide corresponds to the best choice for you. Our recommendations are always based on comprehensive research. For instance, when selecting stocks, our focus is on undervalued companies but show a vigorous balance sheet and able to realize attractive long-term results.

With our system, we are able to gauge the risks in your portfolio and report them to you in a clear and concise format. On the basis of these assessments we are ready to assist you as you continue to optimize your portfolio.